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Your Health News
The Celebration of Dance!
Celebration of Dance

Redirect tension and anxiety into kinetic energy and release a healthy dose of activity and mood-lifting endorphins.
For children movement and joy are synonymous. They skip, jump, or twirl round and round.

Try bringing the innocence of youth back to your life. Laugh, sweat and play.
One hour of nonstop dancing burns up to 400 calories.

Spring Health House Cleaning
Spring Health

Not just for your closets. Your well being may seem simple enough, but you should do a seasonal clean up.

Eat pure food, such as more fresh vegetables, green leafy greens and fruit the most nutritious choices for the season. Prepare them raw or slightly steamed in three meals a day.

The body’s most important purifier is water, an essential element for moving toxins through the kidneys and skin. You need two liters of water a day.
Next add Herbal Teas, for cleansing the body, mind and spirit to encourage liver detoxification.

Try aromatherapy to help release the environmental toxins in a warm bath for twenty minutes.

Next, do skin brushing, a classic Japanese cleansing ritual of skin brushing works from the outside in to promote smooth, glowing skin.
Finally, exercise and sweat, stretch, and breathe deep. You need to set the body’s natural mechanisms for flushing toxins in motion. A brisk 20 minute walk every day will send oxygenated blood to the cells that need rejuvenation and will work up a healthy sweat.

I heard it through the grapevine….
The medical benefits of red wine

Yes, the medical benefits of red wine are well documented.

The anti-inflammatory, anticancer properties of resveratrol—a natural chemical found in wine might be available in pill form, according to researchers at the University of Leicester, England. What a shame, some wine-lovers say; then there’ll be one less excuse to drink to your health.

Why you should fly with friends?
Fly with friends?

Flying with friends always makes the journey a little more fun and easier. They can talk you through a bumpy ride, hold your hand, and generally distract you from the anxieties of travel.

Meditation, guided imagery, and music are all proven methods for developing a peaceful frame of mind, but not everyone can access these techniques on their own.

Flycalm, a CD produced by experts in sound healing, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and meditation, help nervous flyers tap the subconscious mind for its power to pacify.

Sound expert Steven Halpern fills one half of the disc with music proven to reduce stress, balance brain wave activity, and relax muscle tension. The other half of the CD is rhythmic; soothing words engages the mind through guided imagery, breath work, storytelling, and gentle suggestions for physical relaxation. Flycalm might well become your favorite traveling companion.

Red Mountain Spa

Red Mountain Spa

(800) 407-3002

Packages start at $209.00 per night per person.
Pamper and challenge yourself in a setting second to none. Return home with the best keepsake of all. A better you. Located in the glorious high desert, 90 minutes from Las Vegas.

Wyndham Resorts

Ixtapan Hotel Spa

(800) 638-7950

Best Spa Value in the world and now the best golf course in Mexico!
Your wallet won’t mind all the pampering of our programs, our gourmet spa cuisine, our daily massages plus all the other body and beauty treatments that are included in our generous “Classic Spa Program or “Spa Golf Combination”.

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