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Your Health News

Time to turn your world upside down!
We mean that literally! As blood rushes to your brain it brings 25 percent more oxygen, which one study shows to help the brain to operate 7 percent faster and 14 percent more accurately.
The flood of oxygen nourishes the pituitary gland which is the gatekeeper for hormonal balance.
The increased circulation in the head and face stimulates hair growth and rejuvenates the skin.

If you are feeling down, Yoga enthusiasts find that the headstand relieves mild depression, stress, and the symptoms of menopause. It is also said to be therapeutic for asthma, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis.
This reverse pull of gravity stimulates the lymph system to clear out pain-producing toxins trapped in tense muscles.
It’s not just about the head. Holding the body in a perfectly aligned headstand strengthens your arms, legs, stomach, and your spine.
For a maximum benefit, stand on your head for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day and always remember to breathe deeply.

Laughter…. the right prescription

Having a good laugh can do as much good to reduce stress and boost the immune system as medicine.
It is the “biology of hope”, says Dr. Lee Berk, assistant professor of family medicine at the University of California Irvine College of Medicine. Berk’s recent study showed that merely anticipating seeing a funny movie or comedy act can lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and raise levels of pleasure-inducing endorphins as well as growth hormones-a neurological cocktail for health and well-being.
Norman Cousins a famous publisher who was dying of cancer declared “No way am I checking out” and he decided to spend his time in a state of laughter. From his hospital bed he watched only funny movies, read funny books, had friends tell him jokes and he turned his health around!

Healthy Eating Options at Airports?
In a new review of the busiest U.S. airports, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) tallied the number of low-fat, high-fiber, cholesterol-free items on restaurants menus and ranked the airports according to their findings.

San Francisco landed the highest marks with 96 percent of its restaurants offering healthy options.
Denver ranked second with 79 percent, followed by Los Angeles at 54 percent. The worst offenders were: Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Chicago where only 25 of its 59 restaurants offered healthy choices.

Dogs are more than man’s best friend- they can be a perfect workout partners, too.
Ashley Borden, trainer to Hollywood’s A-list. “Exercising with your pet gets both of you in shape and helps you stay consistent-your workout buddy will never flake on you.”
Whether you run on the beach, hike a mountain trail, or power walk through the neighborhood, you and your dog can get a solid cross training workout in as little as 30 minutes. “Bring a resistance band and do some strengthening exercises along the way while keeping the dog in a sit-position, or do a few lunges and squats while your dog fetches a stick,” Borden says.
Before including your four-legged friend in an exercise routine, Borden recommends you get them a full check-up, including heart, lungs, and joints. Build the pace slowly, she cautions, and always remember to keep both yourself and the dog well-hydrated.

Fitness Partners
Secret to Longevity
The secret to increase longevity may be in our diet. The basic gist: Consume fewer calories and live a longer, healthier life.
Decades of research on caloric restriction, or CR, have shown that animals fed restricted diets (with approximately one third less calories than usual) live up to 40 percent longer and contract fewer age related diseases like cancer and heart disease. Scientists theorize that when an organism realizes less food is available, it will slow down body processes like metabolism and produce fewer toxic waste materials.
The goal of CR is not to loose weight or starve yourself but to instead limit the calories you do consume to those high in nutrient vital to healthy diet.

More information may be forthcoming; the first human CR trials are now underway at the National Institute on Aging.
“We can not guarantee the fountain of youth, “Says Dr. Charles Hollingsworth, the institute’s chief of clinical trials for the geriatrics and clinical gerontology program. “But if we get people to eat correctly, they will most likely have a higher quality of life, which is a great start.”


Gurney’s Inn & Thalasso Spa
290 Old Montauk Highway
Montauk, N.Y.

Two Nights for two! $515.00
Sunday thru Thursday, subject to availability.
Valid thru 4/30/03

Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa
U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Includes All Meals, Snacks, Drinks, Recreation, Entertainment, and Tips & Taxes
  • Non-Motorized water sports, Complimentary snorkeling gear
  • Unlimited Tennis, Use of Fitness Center
  • 3 nights include the above plus two Journey's Spa signature experiences
  • 5 nights include all the above plus two Caribbean Hydrotherapy treatments
  • 7 nights include all the above plus two services from either Caribbean hydrotherapy treatments or a journey's Beach Stone Massage
  • Deluxe accommodations
  • Minimum Stay 3 nights

Rate: Starts from $2208 for 3 nights
Valid until: 1/1/03 to 12/20/03

Lausanne Palace & Spa

  • 6 nights in a deluxe room
  • Daily buffet breakfast in the restaurant Cote Jar din
  • Daily lunch and dinner in the Parisian-style brasserie or the healthy restaurant Cote Jar din
  • Medical check-up on arrival and departure
  • 18 Spa treatments during stay
  • Unlimited use of the fitness and sport facilities, including indoor swimming pool, Moroccan hammock, Jacuzzi and sauna
  • 1 day of outdoor activities
  • VAT and services included
  • Exclusive of daily local tax Chf 2.60 per person per night

Rate: Deluxe room Double occupancy Chf. 5,005 per person
Valid From: 01/31/2003 Valid Until: 12/31/2003

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See you at the SPA!

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