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Featured Day Spa Review
Belladonna Day Spa - New Orleans

Belladonna Day Spa

New Orleans, LA

2900 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 7011


Belladonna Day Spa, what a treat!

With their 'be' philosophy, you can experience a more enlightened you.

You will have to search hard to find any spa as good as Belladonna!

Belladonna is the creation of Kim Dudek, a New York born and bred individual who found her way to New Orleans. Kim was formerly trained as a rehabilitation counselor specializing in patients with severe head trauma. Her first taste of New Orleans
"Be Nurtured!"
was acquired while she attended Tulane University, in New Orleans. Kim is well traveled and it shows, by what she has incorporated into her day spa. She has pulled her life's experiences into the treatment packages and has wrapped them in a Zen style of experiences.
Getting to Belladonna is a part of the journey to relaxation. They are located in the Garden District of New Orleans. We strolled along Magazine Street, during our walk to the spa, taking time to look into the antique shops and many other interesting curio shops along the way.
Outside Spa Treatments

Many of the treatments are administered in an ethereal setting, with the sights, sounds and smells of Mother Earth surrounding you.

As you step into your relaxed state, every treatment is carefully composed and crafted to make your experience one, that will last for some time to come and keep you coming back.

From the friendly reception you receive at the entry, to the warm welcome by the spa director -you feel an effect of a nurturing and healing.

Our two day experience with Belladonna started with a a "be together" spa package. The perfect way for a loving couple to renew romance in a romantic city. Their web site describes each experience in detail, but we can tell you that "be together" package is one which is meant to be shared. It starts off with some time in the sauna, where you coat each other with a wonderful product made of honey and sea salts. You can start in the whirlpool or sauna, whichever you prefer.

After you feel yourselves slipping away into a relaxed state you shower and are directed to their new spa patio massage rooms where you receive aromatherapy and a massage for two.

Here is an important note:
I opted for a deep tissue massage and my wife choose a relaxing massage. (You discuss with your therapist what you would like before they begin) Much to my surprise, after returning home from our trip to Belladonna I received a call from my therapist to see how I was doing. The therapist take their work seriously and you feel that caring during and after your trip there.
Pure Relaxation!

Tea Garden
You could just feel the feel the stress of the week slowly slipping away and the added joy of sharing it with a loved one makes it all the better an experience. My wife and I will long remember out trip to Belladonna. After your massage, their hand and foot care specialists treat your fingers and toes with the ultimate of care, afterwards you are whisked away to a lunch which is served in the tea garden (pictured above). Your lunch includes a split of champagne, encouraging you to relax. Your gift to take home is a jar of the best chocolate body paint with a paintbrush. You are encouraged to "be naughty".
Spa Patio Waterfall. Our many thanks to Ruth Marie and Phillip Young for great massage work. Thi Pham and Reyna Tabora we thank you for out wonderful "be refreshed" and "be tough" manicures. What a difference you all make in the quality of life. Excellent job by all!
When you visit Belladonna's be sure to browse the front store. It has loads of great spa products as well as great home nurturing gifts and gift ideas. There is also a section of gift items for those who have pets. From candles to dishes and plenty more. There is also a special section of Belladonna spa products. That's right, they have their own line of products. We were sent home with samples of many, which we treasure and use everyday. Everything from makeup items to massage oils. We loved their tea selections and purchased many to bring home with us.
Belladonna Reception Area
Visit the spa or shop  their store.
Teas, Herbs and More.

We loved the manicure stations with lots of tropical fish tanks to enjoy -as you are polished and refined, you relax and enjoy iced mango tea.

Very refreshing in- deed!

They have a herbs and tea section, which is absolutely wonderful.

Manicure stations
From the sauna to the lunch, what an incredible four hours of relaxation and nurturing. This was only day one and we could hardly wait to experience what they had in store for us on day two. What an incredible day spa! The staff are very well trained and your stay is so relaxing you never want to leave.

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Belladonna Day Spa - New Orleans

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