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Featured Day Spa Review

Reniu Laser Day Spa

32595 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, California 92629
(949) 489-5500


Reniu Laser Day Spa
Reniu reception area
Located just about two miles from the coast highway in Dana Point, California, this unique day spa offers services that combines the luxury of a destination spa with that of services provided by a physicians office. When we arrived we found the charming stone cottage building located in a neighborhood outdoor mall.

As we entered the building the first thing that we noticed was the 25 foot water fall directly behind the front desk! We both felt so peaceful. Our spa attendant and the very friendly staff greeted us. The energetic Spa Director, Lynn Smith then gave us a tour of the facility. Today they were preparing for a wedding party besides our arrival, so the place was buzzing.

Tat Shinno

Men don’t feel intimidated from hearing about these women, because there were men there also. There were some couples there for treatments together. They offer couples massage. We were shown around the location, and noticed the beautiful water color paintings that were displayed on the walls. The artist, know as “Tat Shinno”, was responsible for the gorgeous works of art that looked like photographs, but they are watercolors! Her style must be experienced to be believed, and no worries, if you like one of her masterpieces, you can buy it! All of the art work is for sale.

After our tour we were shown to the locker room that was very well stocked with all the items that you may need to enjoy your experience. After the long drive, my daughter and I chose to take a steam to help us to unwind before our first treatment. We booth felt such a peaceful sense of relief as we began to chat about what was in store for us. Next we were shown to the “Bamboo Room” where you await for your technician to call your name. They offer various snacks and beverages with another waterfall to help you to remain in a peaceful mood.
Entry and waterfall at Reniu
Consultation Area
Waiting Area Reniu
Our names were called and I could tell that my daughter was a little nervous, but “Pavla” (her technician) reassured her how wonderful it was going to be.

Down to the treatments: Whitney received her very first Swedish massage! Since she plays field hockey and had just played the day before in a tournament, this was a great way to ease those sore mussels. Next she received a citrus body scrub, followed by an “airbrush bronzing”. What a great first spa experience for her, and I was there to share this with her!

Mom (that’s me) received the “Rosemary Loofah Scrub” (which is very gentle on the skin) and then the “Tri-Crystal Body Scrub”, all enjoyed with the “Vichy Shower”.
You feel like you are in a rain forest! Then it was time to have the “Pohaku hot stone massage”; all of these services were performed by her outstanding technician Lynn. What a wizard, she has these treatments down just right with such a nurturing touch. Pure joy!
Mother and daughter left floating back to the Blue Lantern Inn.

After we finished our gourmet breakfast at the Blue Lantern Inn, we set off for day two at Reniu. This time we started earlier in the day and we both had facials. Whitney received the “Teen Facial” with Della, and Mom enjoyed an “Epicurean European Facial” with Bree. The treatments rooms all seemed to have at least some type of waterfall to help your time to be very soothing and relaxing.

Facial Treatment

Then it was time to take a break to eat, so they offered a special luncheon for Whitney and me in the “Bamboo Room”. Some of their packages include a luncheon, but you will need to make arrangements in advance.

After a very peaceful lunch, it was time to finish up with the “Reniu Foot Treatments/Spa Pedicures”.

This is where you are immersed, exfoliated, masked, and polished (your feet of course). Our time spent at the Reniu Laser Day Spa was outstanding.

If you are considering any of their other medical services, please contact Reniu directly on the web:

Reniu Founder Robert J. Oosdyke
The founder, Robert J. Oosdyke is committed to creating a sophisticated spa and laser therapy center. His strong medical background ensures that Reniu will be at the forefront for all of its clientele. (See his photo above)
Thank you for joining us.

See you at the spa!

Staff for Finest Health Spas
Contact us at: [email protected]

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