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Your Health News

Be sure to have your
“Daily Dose”!
Late last fall the Institute of Medicine released its new guidelines on the nutrition and exercise for Americans.

In this new two-volume report, the Institute for the first time gives ranges on how much and what kind of food healthy people should eat, based on their activity level. In the same report they upped the suggested amount of daily exercise, recommending that all Americans get at least one hour a day of moderately intense physical activity, doubling the previously suggested 30 minutes per day recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General in 1996.

Not sure how to fit in an extra thirty minutes? Fitness expert Steven N. Blair PED, scientific director of the Surgeon General’s guidelines notes to remember that physical activity can be cumulative. Three 10- minute walks gives you essentially the same physiologic response and health benefits as one 30-minute walk.

For more information on the subject contact: [email protected]

Improving nutrition to reduce your risk of bone loss.

A common misconception about bone is that it is not a living tissue. Because it is alive, people can do something about rebuilding it. The human skeleton constantly renews itself. The first is made of cartilage, the second of immature fibrous tissue and the third of adult bone.

More than 25 million Americans suffer from thinning bones. Many live for years with bad habits that contribute to bone loss. These would include poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking and excess consumption of alcohol and other stimulants.

Osteoporosis is seen in both old and young. A bone density test is a necessity in diagnosing osteoporosis. The “Gold Standard” in the diagnosis of osteoporosis is DEXA, which stands for Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry.

It is a painless and very safe test using low-dose x-ray and is completed within three to five minutes. It is never to late, or too early to investigate bone loss. Improving nutrition and exercise habits are areas that can greatly reduce your risk of bone loss and protect your bones from fracture.

We need to begin focusing on this serious disease and prevent it, beginning at the younger ages.

Massage Tips for Home, Work and Play

Here are some ideas that help you cope when the going gets tough:

  • Find a few minutes at work several times each day to simply get up and move and stretch. Mobilize those muscles and joints involved with repetitive movement and remember to grasp, roll and squeeze the shoulder muscles.
  • For tension headaches, use two tennis balls wrapped in a sock. Lie on a firm surface and position the balls under the neck, just beneath the shelf of the skull. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, then gradually reposition the balls further down the neck.
  • Use a tennis ball to provide acupressure for eliminating trigger points in the back or hips. Lie on the floor or the back up against a wall and position the ball where you find intense soreness. Exercise caution until you find your pressure limits.
  • For back pain, try rolling up a bath towel and positioning it horizontally across the spine while lying supine on a firm surface or the floor. As you feel the back muscles release, move the roll to a new position along the spine. Remember to focus on your breath.
  • Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your bath water. It will leave your skin refreshed and “tingly”. Following your bath is an ideal time to treat yourself to a foot massage using your favorite foot balm or crème.
  • The effects of massage are cumulative. See your favorite therapist regularly. Make time for you.


Wild Mushroom Saffron Risotto Cakes
(10 Servings)

1 ½ cups mushroom stock
Boil together 6 large dried Shitake mushrooms, and ½ cup dried Lobster mushrooms in 3 cups of water until soft. Strain, save mushrooms for other use. Strain, save mushrooms for other use .Reduce strained liquid to 1 ½ cups.5 ounces of Sauterne wine2 teaspoons of vegetable base. *Combine and set aside.

2 ounces minced shallots5 ounces Arborio rice Saffron- medium pinch Spray pan.Add shallots- lightly sautéSpray pan again and add rice.Add ½ of the reserved liquid.Add pinch of saffron.Cook over medium heat stirring constantly.

When most of liquid is cooked out, add second 1/3.Repeat- cook until firm to the bite (al dente')Cool.

1 ounce of shredded Parmesan cheese½ tablespoon fresh chopped parsley3 ounces beaten fresh egg. (1 ½ large eggs)Fresh grated black pepper Add to the cooled rice mixture.Heat pan and spray with pan spray.Scop into ten balls and flatten to ½ inch.Bown on each side and cook until done through out.
Travel for January 2003

Four Seasons Resort / Maui at Wailea

Spa Celebration Special/New Spa

4 Jan - 16 Jan, 2003
Stay 4nights and get the 5 th night free and
receive a complimentary Spa gift.

(4 stars and 4 diamond mountain retreat):
Vail Valley, Colorado

Romantic Infusion Package:
1 night, king mountain view with fireplace, 2 in room massages in front of your fireplace, movie rental, 1 breakfast in bed, 1 in room dinner for 2 (2 salads, 2 entree and chocolate covered strawberries) from Restaurant Picasso.
$499 plus tax, additional non package nights at $225 per night.
Valid until 29 Mar 03.

Winter Escape:
2 nights in Mountain View room, (2) 60 minute massages, dinner for 2 in Restaurant Picasso. $595 plus tax, additional non package nights at $195.
Valid until 29 Mar 03.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

4 Day/3 night Packages, from $399 - $559, $25 credit at Mandara Spa, round-trip ground transfers on island, 1 hour tennis court time, 1 round for two on the Sports Center's 18-hole putting course. Pay with American Express Card and receive up to $150 on air-inclusive packages.
Prices bases on Sunday or Monday arrival for travel 1/02/03 - 2/12/03. Not included are taxes, gratuity and service charges.

Rose Hall, in Jamaica

$500 in SPA or GOLF CREDITS for use at the resort. Reserve by 31 Jan 03 a 6 night stay or longer between 7 Jan - 9 Dec 03. Half the credit can be used toward spa treatments and the other half toward golf purposes. Six-night vacations start at $1799 per person, double, from Philadelphia; $1865 from Baltimore, New York or Washington; $1868 from Boston; or $1961 from Pittsburgh or Charlotte, N.C.

We wish you all a very prospers New Year and look forward to assisting you with your travel needs.

See you at the SPA!

Please contact us at [email protected]

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