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Ritz-Carlton San Juan Hotel & Spa -- Posted by webmaster
Date PostedSunday, November 9 2003

Ritz-Carlton San Juan Hotel & Spa
British West Indies
We planned our journey to the Caribbean to include a stop over in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our research revealed that The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Spa in San Juan was a logical choice for the stop, due to its close proximity to the airport.

News on SpaTravel
Malliouhana Hotel & Spa -- Posted by webmaster
Date PostedSunday, November 9 2003

Malliouhana Hotel & Spa
British West Indies
Malliouhana is located on the Northwestern coastline on a twenty-five acre bluff overlooking two spectacular beaches. The lush landscape gardens and two mile white sand beach and azure blue water of Meads Bay painted a very romantic backdrop for this extraordinary environment.

News on SpaSiteNews
Cap Juluca - Fantastic Spa -- Posted by webmaster
Date PostedSunday, November 9 2003

Cap Juluca - Maundays Bay Anguilla

British West Indies
This resort has become to the discerning vacationers that offers the privacy from the miles of beach. While situated only 15 minutes by boat from the myriad shops, restaurants, gambling, and international flavors of Dutch and French St. Maarten, Cap Juluca remains the essence of tranquility.  More >

News on SpaSiteNews
Suchness Spa -- Posted by webmaster
Date PostedSunday, October 12 2003

Suchness (a Holistic Spa) 
Eureka Springs, AR
The last thing you might suspect to find in the beautiful historic town is a Holistic Spa. What a remarkable treat to a first time spa visitor. Eureka Springs is filled with wonderful old buildings, in fact the entire town is registered with the national historic society. Suchness is the creative concept of Catherine Zorok she also created the New Moon Spa which is located in Eureka Springs as well. More >

News on SpaEvents
Belladonna Day Spa, New Orleans, LA -- Posted by webmaster
Date PostedMonday, September 1 2003

Belladonna Day Spa
New Orleans, LA
This day spa has it all together. With a Zen approach to being there and living the relaxation. It is more than an experience to write about, it is a paradigm shift in thinking on the way you experience spas all together.  More >

News on SpaEvents
Reniu Laser Day Spa -- Posted by webmaster
Date PostedMonday, August 4 2003

Reniu Laser Day Spa
Dana Point, California
As we entered the building the first thing that we noticed was the 25 foot water fall directly behind the front desk! We both felt so peaceful. Our spa attendant and the very friendly staff greeted us. The energetic Spa Director, Lynn Smith then gave us a tour of the facility. Today they were preparing for a wedding party besides our arrival, so the place was buzzing.  More >

News on SpaSiteNews
Bodyjoys Day Spa -- Posted by webmaster
Date PostedTuesday, June 24 2003

Bodyjoys Day Spa
New Orleans, LA
When you first enter Bodyjoys Day Spa, you are taken by the stylish appearance, fixtures and cleanliness of the entire establishment. This is a very modern facility with a very diverse selection of services. I would like to mention that parking seemed not to be a problem here, even when they are very busy, as they have an overflow lot behind their main building. More >

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