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Destination Spa Review
Red Mountain Destination Spa


What an amazing selection of the finest quality activities for fitness, with all the pampering, luxury and relaxation you would expect from a full-service spa!

If you are seeking peaceful solitude and inner renewal, the Red Mountain Adventure Spa is the correct prescription you need.
It is the perfect setting to start to renew your health and fitness goals.
We arrived at the local St. George airport and were greeted by the friendly staff of the Red Mountain complimentary shuttle. It was a very short drive (4-5) miles to the Red Mountain Spa.

We were shown to our rooms, which were beautifully appointed and decorated in the rich colors that complemented the breathtaking southwest landscape.

After we settled into our rooms we looked at the calendar of events for our days to come.

* Please note that this is an adult only facility.

We were then invited to the canyon “Breeze Restaurant”. They served three gourmet meals a day, which were exceptional!

After dinner at 7:30, we learned about “Introduction to Spa Therapy”. Every evening they offered classes to learn more about taking good care of your health.

The next morning we got up at 5:30 and prepared for our hike, with some stretching exercise. The canyon was so beautiful at that hour, and we were able to practice some of our “meditative walking.” We returned quite hungry.

We were never disappointed with any of our gourmet meals.

There were daily cooking classes to help you learn how to prepare simple ingredients into a multi-course meal that was so delicious!

At last, on to some great treatments!

Our female reviewer experienced the “Native Grains”, where these grains are used to gently buff away impurities of the skin. Purifying clay is applied to the body. The body is cleansed and re-hydrated with juniper oil. The treatment lasted for 80 minutes.

Our male reviewer indulged in the “Red Mountain Revitalizer” beginning with a scalp massage using cimburi bark extract. He was then given a mini facial, body ex-foliation and massage with a rich cream infused with myrrh. His treatment also lasted 80 minutes.

 They offered 50 different fitness classes weekly, so there are so many options for every fitness level.

The next day, our routine was similar. Hike, eat, workout, treatments!

This time our lady reviewer received “The Desert Rose Facial”. Since the rose is a symbol of perfection, this luxurious, deep relaxing treatment utilizes the properties of the rose to calm and soothe as well as revitalize the skin. The special massage techniques used released tension on her back, shoulders and neck. The treatment lasted 50 minutes.

Our male reviewer especially enjoyed the “hot lava pedicure”, which featured a soothing foot wrap of warm Dead Sea mud.

Along with a special acupressure massage they combined menthol, peppermint, cinnamon, and eucalyptus oils to revive his lower legs and feet. Aroma heaven! This treatment lasted 50 minutes.

We would recommend your stay to at least 4-5 days to help turn around your new health regimen. There were many activities offered that we were not able to take full advantage of in our short-term stay.

We found the staff very knowledgeable and friendly and look forward to our next visit here.

Thank you for joining us.

See you at the Spa!

Finest Health Spas Review Staff.
Please contact us at: [email protected]

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