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Wellness Holistic Spa Review
Suchness Spa

Suchness Spa
63 Spring Street
in the Historic New Orleans Hotel
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Phone: 479-253-2828


Prior to creating the Suchness Spa at the Historic New Orleans Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Catherina Zorok created and directed the New Moon Spa at the Historic Crescent Hotel, also in Eureka Springs. We had to make a return visit to see her new creation. It was definitely worth the trip as it earns our highest rating of five gold leaves.

At the heart of this spa is the creative energy of Catherine Zorok. She is a nurturing soul as it was evidenced by our check in at the New Orleans Hotel. She had prepared instructions for us in our room for relaxation and comfort. An assortment of fruit, fresh cut flowers, and gifts of lavender tea and bath salts awaited us in our room. We did indulge the offering by way of a long Jacuzzi bath and setting in the bath drinking our lavender tea. How very relaxing this was.

Healing Secrets
Your visit to Suchness engulfs you, for the moment you feel the influence of Thailand and the ancient healing secrets.
As you enter the lobby of the New Orleans Hotel you can see the entrance to the Suchness Spa. It is finely décored with treasures from the far East.

There are many fine products, from herbs to jewelry, on display within the entry of the spa.

There is also a relaxation tea bar which we enjoyed as we waited for our appointment in the reception area of the spa.

Tea Relaxation Bar
Jewelry and Creations of Art Unique Thai Spa products Treasures from Thailand
Suchness massage rituals are a journey to paradise for mind and body. Your senses are awakened by with special herbal blends of Thai spices used via aroma therapy, these spices take your mind to a new dimension as the smell of these spices are familiar yet new to your ole factories. It is, as if you are standing in a garden surrounded by familiar scents known to you but the combination of these scents are new to your mind and they reach a place that is new to your sense of smell.

Thai Steam & Lotus Shower ~
You are further awakened by a purification ritual which cleanse your skin and purifies the drudgery of thoughts which are focused on your everyday pain and discomfort you might be experiencing. For me, it was my long drive to this paradise and weeks of working at a desk. This purification ritual is a ritual of cleansing by an intense, purifying Thai herbal steam which is followed by a Lotus Shower which further stimulates the lymphatic and the meridians of the body. It is further accented by a manipulation of the spinal column and then followed by a moisturizing massage.

During the Thai steam and massage your mind travels, you feel entranced by this experience - far from any Earthly feelings. Each step you are awakened by low gong sound. For a moment you feel you have transcended to higher place. You are helped up by your massage therapist. It is almost as if you are waking up from a year long nap, very revitalizing and most nurturing.

I have had many massages, from many differing thoughts of discipline. This Thai type of massage is one of the most synergistic, energy filling types of massage I have ever experienced.

The talent and discipline of Suchness takes spa experiences to a whole new level of relaxation and fulfillment.

Suchness Arts Visit the Gallery
CrownChakra Lightwork™ Ritual ~

Catherina Zorok is a master of this incredible technique which can only be described as a feeling of being healed. It is accomplished by a light touch therapy which is designed to release pain and getting the body in touch with the healing energy which surrounds us. I am not sure I can put into words how it all happens. What I can tell you is that you will come out of this experience feeling better than ever and ready to meet the day before you.

Catherina is a giving person and she has expressed a desire to teach this method to other spas for their use in their facilities. I would highly recommend you give this ritual a try. If you are a spa owner or a therapist wishing to learn this technique Catherina can be contacted for further details on her web site or you can email her at this address:

Email Catherina

About the Talent

I would be remiss in my duties of this review not to mention and give homage to the great talent at Suchness. Our massage and ritual work that we enjoyed so much were performed by the following individuals: Catherine Zorok, Sandra Drake and Tyler Krier. (See photos below)

Sandra Drake who has been practicing massage since 2001, trained at the Crestone Healing Center in Crestone Colorado. Crestone is considered to be a healing mecca. Sandra, who recently completed an intensive with "CC" from Esalen Institute, also studied while at Crestone with an Aikido Master and worked with oriental philosophy and martial arts. "The incredible advantage of working with masters like these is the clear understanding of the foundation of massage ~ and a deeper respect for how it all works effortlessly to create an optimum healing experience for ritual participants. "

Tyler Krier has been a massage practitioner for two years, something he says that was just supposed to happen. "Even as a kid I knew that in some way I would be involved in healing work." Right after high school, he started working with handicapped children and the disabled and it became apparent to him that learning massage would be a great way to help with the healing process. A graduate of massage training at Northwest Arkansas School of Massage, Tyler also completed training and is certified in “Creative Healing” techniques.

Spa Director
Sandra Drake
Tyler Krier
Spa Director,
Catherine Zorok
Sandra Drake
Tyler Krier
Thanks for joining us.
See you at the spa!

Review Team for Finest Health Spas [email protected]

Wellness Holistic Spa Review


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