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Day Spa Review
Bodyjoys Day Spa - New Orleans

Bodyjoys Day Spa

3423 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 895-4400
Fax: (504) 895-4600


When you first enter Bodyjoys Day Spa, you are taken by the stylish appearance, fixtures and cleanliness of the entire establishment. This is a very modern facility with a very diverse selection of services. I would like to mention that parking seemed not to be a problem here, even when they are very busy, as they have an overflow lot behind their main building. From salon services to massages and facials; you can expect nothing but pampering here.

The staff was warm and caring individuals, we have to mention Tiffany, Janette, and Andrea, all whom provided services for us during our review. The personnel we meet were very courteous and professional in the performance of their services.

More of the Salon
The Salon at Bodyjoys
Waiting Room to Spa Service.

Bodyjoys is not only a spa which allows you receive treatments and salon services, but one which you can relax and spend a good part of the day if you choose. They even have a room where you can enjoy lunch if you are going to be there during lunch.

When we arrived we were shown to a reception area and offered a beverage. In moments we met our spa staff members who provided our services. Very likable personalities, every one of them.

Our female reviewer received a "Fantasy Tan". You ask yourself, What is a fantasy tan? It is a sunless tanning process by which a formula is applied to the skin. It causes a chemical reaction with amino acids in the skin to produce a tan, much like the sun does, but without UVA and UVB damage to the skin.

She was first, given a sea salt body scrub to remove excess dried and dead skin. Then the formula was applied to her skin via an air brush. Fantastic results, she had a wonderful glow about her without the hazards of the suns rays.
Anyone for lunch?

The treatment last anywhere from four days to nearly two weeks. It has been over a week since the treatment and she still has a wonderful tan. Skeptical at first, she is very pleased with the results of this procedure."This, is the only way to tan!", she reported.

Very stunning results, with no tan lines and a very even tan all over her body. This is a must try, for those of you who would like that glow of the sun, but none of the harmful rays from the sun or tanning beds.

Our male reviewer received a sports massage and it was fantastic! Every therapist has there own technique and our male reviewer reported that this lady had a very gifted technique in getting the kinks out without pain and with no disruption to the relaxation state already set by the therapist.

He also received a pedicure from Bodyjoys," ..something men are doing more these days," reported the esthetician.

Nail care Station Treatment Room

We have found this to be true as well from reader response. Men are starting to care more for their feet as well as an increased growth in manicures and facials for men.

The pedicure esthetician was just as good as all of Bodyjoys services. Bodyjoys is a great find for us and we highly recommend you give them a try when you are in the New Orleans area. They offer many many more services than what we have just described and we invite you to check them all out on their web site.

We would be remiss in our duties, if we did not report how we loved their product line. The AHAVA, and AVEDA products used on our reviewers where exceptional. The samples sent home with them are truly appreciated and are used daily.

In Summary ...

Bodyjoys location is great only minutes from the French Quarter or just six short walking blocks from the Avenue Inn, where our reviewers stay was hosted. They have an easy in and easy out location. You can even arrive here from the St. Charles Streetcar, they stop in front of Bodyjoys. From the services we received, we have no hesitation in rating this day spa tops from our viewpoint. Here is a day spa that covers many services and delivers pampering and specialty services like the Fantasy Tan, (you just have to see the end results to be impressed as we were) and all at affordable rates. A very enjoyable stay at one of New Orleans finest health spas.

Thank you for joining us, and see you at the spa.
Review Team for Finest Health Spas

[email protected]

Bodyjoys Day Spa - New Orleans


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