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Featured Day Spa Review
Belladonna Day Spa - New Orleans
Be in Bali on the outdoor massage patio

Day Two at Belladonna Day Spa

Our female reviewer received the "be in bali" package. This two and one half hour package is fashioned after the Lulur royal ritual. Bali and all the pacific rim have rich botanical heritage which is steeped in ancient spiritual traditions for centuries. This spa treatment follows the philosophy that beauty is a holistic concept which embraces both the inner and outer self. The Lulur ritual is modeled after an ancient tradition of javanese royalty before their wedding. Everyday for forty days, prior to any wedding celebration, a Lulur would be given to the bride-to-be by the other women in the family. It is considered a way of passing on wisdom and nurturing. Today the tradition is given for seven days and "melati" flower or jasmine flowers are used to adorn both the bride and groom as a symbol of love and fertility. Belladonna recommends this treatment for both men and women.

It all starts with a relaxing bath surrounded by soothing scents, flower petals, and soft Balinese music to help you prepare for a signature Jamu massage which is a combination of hindu, chinese and european ...
techniques. Jasmine Frangipani flower massage oil is used to make this a most energizing and relaxing experience. Following this phenomenal massage, a full body scrub using the Lulur powder made with turmeric, rice and jasmine lightly exfoliates and invigorates the skin. Yogurt is then applied to the body to further exfoliate and nourish the skin before your outdoor shower. A finishing application using Jasmine Frangipani lotion completes this experience which beautifies, cleanses, exfoliates to leave the skin with an exotic, enticing floral scent. You are given a cup of jasmine tea in their tea garden and transported to the exotic land of Bali. You are then served a lunch which is from the far East and a gift of a beautifully boxed trio set of the Lulur treatment is yours to take home with you. This experience, as reported by our female reviewer is an absolute a rebirth of your feelings and self image. This spa treatment is a must experience for anyone who might be feeling down at all.

The massage and shower are given in an outside setting and adds to the feelings of invigoration and relaxation.

Our female reviewer, claimed after the entire experience, " I'm putting in an outside shower just like the one they have here." She was absolutely glowing.

Massage is given outdoors.
After her "be in bali" package she was also treated to a "be stunning" makeup application which also includes brow shaping. This was absolutely a winning combination. Many thanks go out to Vickie Collett for this fantastic make-up application and to Christi Pagan for the wonderful "be in bali" massage.

Our male reviewer received the "be in india" spa treatment package. Wow! This is an experience not to be missed. It is a Tara Ayurvedic treatment of balance and restoration.

Ayveredic massage

Our male reviewer had this comment on the experience.

"The closest to a sensory tank experience that I have encountered since my studies in psychology at Big Sur in California. This is truly an experience not to be missed by anyone who is looking inward at themselves and seeking true relaxation."

"The Ayurvedic philosophy teaches that "Life is Relationship," that we have a relationship with everything in the Universe. We must know ourselves in order to know what actions to take to find balance and happiness in life. Loving and nourishing one's self leads to more loving relationships with others and a deeper connection to the wisdom that inspires right choices in life."

Quoted from the Tara Ayurvedic pamphlet

Ayurveda is a sanskrit (the ancient holy language of India) word translated to mean knowledge of life. It is the science of health and healing, indigenous to India, and is over 5,000 years old. An Ayurvedic treatment utilizes the potent regenerative properties of plants, herbs, flowers, and essential oils to rejuvenate and balance the mind, body, and spirit. the heart of ayurveda is a detailed system of diagnosis that categorizes individuals into one of three dosha (types).

Ideally the body, mind and spirit are in balance when all three doshas are balanced; however, most of us have one or two doshas predominant: vata, pitta, or kapha. your therapist will help you determine your dosha. The essence of life is a two-hour, three-part treatment utilizing ayurvedic herbs and oils to bring about balance to your dosha. This treatment exfoliates and nourishes your skin, detoxifies the body, soothes the nervous system, and softens and conditions the hair and scalp. Warm stones are laid over the chakras balancing these subtle energy centers while body herbs dry and are exfoliated off using a natural bristle brush. Dosha specific oils are then used to massage the body. A calming facial treatment uses herbs, essential oils and moisture cream to cleanse and nourish the face, which is followed by a hypnotic marma point facial massage.

Treatment room.

Finally, warm oil gently infused with herbs and essential oils flows over the third eye (forehead) and melts in to the hair creating an utter state of serenity. Your hands and feet relax inside of herbal packs as the body rests in a hot herbal linen wrap. A combination of hair herbs are used as a rinse to complete this most exquisite experience. Adapted from purification and rejuvenation rituals of India, this ultimate experience surpasses all. You are served a lunch which is authentic Indian food and your gift is a 2oz. size of your Dosha oil for you to take home with you. My many thanks to Annie Whitson for this treatment. She is very skilled in this Ayurvedic treatment.

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Belladonna Day Spa - New Orleans

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