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Historical Spa Review
New Moon Spa & Wellness Center

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
New Moon Spa and Wellness Center
Nestled in the hilly woods of northern Arkansas is a town called Eureka Springs. Rich in history, shrouded in artistic culture with a plethora of specialty shops.
On the highest of Eureka's mountain tops sets a beautiful Victorian-era hotel called the Crescent, built in 1886. Open to its ground level floor is a wellness spa of distinguished caliber, the New Moon Spa. Our review team was treated to, two days, of luxurious treatments which brought a rebirth to our traveled souls. We began by being welcomed by the Spa Director, Catherine Zorok. Catherine assembled a tailored treatment plan for our male and female reviewers.

The holistic experience she creates is welcoming and non-threatening for first-time spa visitors, yet capable of challenging, surprising, and pleasing the more advanced health and fitness buffs as well as dedicated spa-goers. We were offered fresh fruit and tea as we visited and discussed our treatment plan.
Crescent Hotel
The Crescent Hotel
Catherine has a gallery located within the spas welcoming area filled with treasured items from the far East.

A side note: She has also developed her own line of clothing that will be available in her newest studio and gallery the "Suchness Ambient Arts", also located in Eureka Springs. She is also planning a new facility in yet another of Eureka's historical landmark hotels.
Catherine had just returned from Thailand a day prior to our meeting. Yet she made time for us even though the effects of jet-lag were still there for her. Her dedication to wellness is self-evident, as we talked.

We discussed how the stresses in everyone;s lives puts them in a holding pattern, not allowing them to reach a state a bliss without an occasional trip to a spa or other form of heighten enlightenment. Whether it be through exercise, Yoga or something else. "We all need to find that special thing in our life which allows us to better enjoy what we are living," she says.

It was no surprise to these reviewers that there was talent in the therapist's techniques, as the end result for us was that of an enlightenment which lasted days after our visit to the New Moon Spa
Gallery Item
The Gallery          

Day One:

We started out with a Cranio-Sacral massage to relieve the tensions resulting from our three hour drive to Eureka Springs.

That was followed by a salt glow rub, a procedure used to exfoliate the dry skin of winter. We were instructed to shower after the treatment, which was followed by an additional massage with conditioners for our newly treated skin. What a refreshing treat. We felt the shedding of ten years of dryness and the invigorating glow of our born new skin.

That was followed by a 90 minute Swedish massage delivered by very talented therapists. This brought our bodies to where our minds were now. It was all we could do to return to our Bed and Breakfast.

Another side note: Eureka Springs is the number three in the nation for having the most Bed and Breakfast facilities in the nation. (see our review on the B&B here)

Spa Products
Exceptional Product Line

Gallery View
View outside the Gallery

Day Two:

Day two delivered much of the same relaxation and conditioning as day one. We were given a full body wrap with herbs and oils which brought greater conditioning to the skin and the treatment was enhanced by the aroma therapy and meditative music as our bodies basked in the moisturizing wrap. That was followed by a hot shower and reflexology. Flowing the reflexology we were treated to a hydrotone therapy tub, with more aroma therapy as they lay in the massage jetted tub, which pulses up and down the length of the body.

Following all that, they were treated to a facial with a mint scented facial mask with superior products which cleaned and firmed the skin.

Finally we were stimulated with Crown Chakra, whereby the mind body and spirit are aligned by the individuals potential. This is accomplished by techniques of subtle movements and the touch of the therapist.

These reviewers where impressed with the intuitive abilities of the therapists and their experiences were even further enhanced by the the visiting of the spa during, what is know by the locals, as the secret season of Eureka Springs. This is the season of Winter, where the tourist traffic is light and the true meditative state of nature co-exist with this beautiful historic town in northern Arkansas.

What a delight to our reviews of this total experience. We highly recommend this experience and it comes with our highest rating. This is truly an adventure which exemplifies the old proverb "Traveling is better than arriving" especially if the traveling is an experience at the New Moon Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

For more information on Eureka Springs try this link.

Spa Director
Spa Director,
Catherine Zorok
Suchness Gallery
Art Gallery
Winter Eureka Springs
Eureka Springs "The Secret Season"

See you at the spa!

Review Team for Finest Health Spas [email protected]

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