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Bed and Breakfast Review

Blue Lantern Inn

34343 Street of the Blue Lantern
Dana Point, California 92629
Phone (949) 661-1304


Blue Lantern Inn
Mothers and daughters have a need to bond during the adolescent period, and we have a very healthy way to make that happen. This feature was written to suggest a way parents can make this happen. If there are any single Dad’s out there, this will also go along way for you as well.

We choose a B&B for a few reasons; they offer a more quiet setting than do most resorts. This gives you a lot more chances to have those important conversations with your daughter. They appeal to daughters, since they some how allow her to still feel like a little girl, especially because the Blue Lantern Inn’s theme is “Teddy Bears”. You can adopt the one from your room (or one of the others) to take home with you as a reminder of your special getaway.

What a view! Our approach to the Blue Lantern Inn was a wonderful experience all its own. We traveled along the Pacific coast and the scenery was glorious! It looked as if we were going into a neighborhood, and then all of a sudden we saw a cliff and the ocean below with walkways and gazebos to sit to enjoy the beautiful ocean/bay view.
This was one of the views from our balcony. 

The Blue Lantern Inn building (Cape Cod Style) had great appeal to the eye, you felt as if you were perhaps on the east coast. We parked, in the more than ample parking lot that was offered to its guests. As we entered the front door the first thing that we noticed was all of the sweet touches inside the lobby. We learned that our room was not quite ready so we set off to find “Reniu Laser Day Spa” where we had scheduled some spa treatments. The time waiting for the room was not even noticed.

Reniu Day Spa was just a short drive in the neighborhood. The building stands individually in a neighborhood outdoor mall. The style of building has a “stone cottage” look. We entered the front door and the first thing that we both noticed was the 25foot waterfall directly behind the reception desk. It made us both feel so peaceful.

Our spa attendant and the very friendly front desk staff greeted us. The energetic Spa Director Lynn Smith then gave us a tour of the facility. Today they were preparing for a wedding party besides our arrival so the place was buzzing. Dads, don’t feel intimidated from hearing about these women, because there were some men there also.

Dana Point - California
In fact some couples have treatments together. They do offer couples massage also. We were shown around and then taken to the locker rooms by our spa attendant. My daughter and I choose to take a steam to help us unwind from the drive. We both felt such a peaceful sense of relief as we began to chat about what was in store for us. Next we were shown to the “Bamboo Room” where you await for your technician to call your name. There they offered various snacks and beverages with another waterfall to keep you in a peaceful mood.

Our names were called and I could tell that my daughter was nervous, but Pavla (her technician reassured her how wonderful it was going to be.

Down to the treatments: Whitney received her very first Swedish massage. Since she plays field hockey and had just played the day before in a tournament, this was a great way to ease those sore mussels. next she received a citrus body scrub, followed by an airbrush bronzing. What a great first experience for her, and I was there to share that with her.

Mom, (that’s me) received the Rosemary Loofah Scrub (which is very gentle on the skin) and then the Tri-Crystal Body Scrub all enjoyed with the Vichy shower.

You feel like you are in a rain forest! Then, it was time to have the Pohaku “hot stone” massage; all performed by Lynn her technician. What a wizard! She has these treatments down, and had such a nurturing touch. Such a joy!

Wonderful Views
Blue Lantern Inn Room Mother and daughter left, - floating back to our beautiful room overlooking the beautiful bay and ocean

By the time we returned to the Blue Lantern Inn our room was all ready for us and we settled in.

The first thing that my daughter noticed was the little bear on the bed that she fell in love with. Our room had a breathtaking view over looking the sea, a fireplace, Jacauzzi tub and a canapé bed, a large bathroom, and two sitting areas. Wow! All the items we like as mothers and daughters as well as couples. I will be telling someone about this for a future romantic getaway.

Every afternoon the Blue Lantern Inn serves tea and home made goodies to enjoy together, so that is what we did. In their main dinning room we sat by the waterfall where you could see the bay and yacht club. It almost gives you the feeling that you are in another country because of the location up on the cliff.
Tea in the afternoon at the Blue Lantern Inn They offer a library, and videos that you can take to your room to watch and then return when you are done. At seven o’clock every evening they offer “turn down” service, where they place the little teddy bear under the covers peeking out in the middle of the bed. They also place some very tasty dark chocolates on your pillow. Yummy. After the movie, we drifted off and were so peaceful and cozy in the feather bed and very soft linen.

The next morning it was time to try the very delicious gourmet breakfast offered here at the Blue Lantern Inn. It was excellent, and the staffs once again made us feel pampered.
Well, it was time for day two at the spa, so off we went. This time we started a little earlier and we both received facials. Whitney received a teen facial with Della, and Mom had an Epicurean European Facial with Bree. Afterwards they enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the catering service for Renu.

We ate in the bamboo room, and enjoyed the peaceful environment with the beautiful waterfall. After lunch it was time for some finishing touches to complete our day here at Renu so we both received their signature “foot” treatments with express manicures. Wa La!! Ready for a night on the town. We both felt great.

We headed back to our beautiful room overlooking the sea. Just in time for afternoon tea. It is different every time. We both enjoyed the balcony and watched the sunset from our room. This will always be a special memory for both of us, and yes we did adopt the little brown bear from room 201.

Sunset on Dana Point
Thank you for joining us and we look forward to helping you plan your special spa experience with your teenager, or any one else.

See you at the spa!
Review Team for Finest Health Spas

[email protected]

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